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5th International conference of Psychotraumatology and Mediation

The main theme of the Congress will be Wars, Trauma, Migrations and Global mental health in Developed countries and in Developing countries for civil populations and for refugees: what innovations in the treatments, in mediation, conflict management and human rights.

5th International conference Psychotraumatology and Mediation

Renowned European experts in the field will give keynote lectures, as well as leading symposia.

The scientific program will approach the following topics:

  • Epidemiology, Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment plan for refugees
  • Trauma, Anxiety and Stress related disorders and migration
  • Innovation in Improving Global mental health in humanitarian and international medicine
  • Policies and Assistance Program for sustainable development for the prevention and conflict managements while implanting global health projects
  • Migration, Mental health and Human rights
  • Mental health, Mediation and Conflict management

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