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Διαδικτυακό συνέδριο: 3rd EPICamp “Collective identities and/or European identities”

Διαδικτυακό συνέδριο: 3rd EPICamp “Collective identities and/or European identities”

PsychologyNow Team

Το συνέδριο θα πραγματοποιηθεί διαδικτυακά 21 - 22 Ιανουαρίου 2022.

The EPICamp will take place online again and is hosted by UHA. It will take place 21/22 January 2022, submission deadline for thematic contributions is 7 January 2022, registration is open until 17 January 2022. The full programme will be announced later

Conference abstract

One societal challenge that EPICUR Research addresses is the importance of “(European) identities”. Yet what does that mean and how can we transform this politically charged term into a scientific object? Culture is a main repository of available identities within a given space, and developing a shared identity is a prerequisite for the proper functioning of social and political institutions such as the European Union. Financial solidarity means to pay for other nations and this requires sharing a common sense of belonging. That is why European parliamentarians and commissioners regularly invoke European identity. In a time in which the European idea has come under much scrutiny, this EPICamp will provide a space to develop new approaches to European identity. Instead of invoking a hypothetical singular European identity, we propose to use interdisciplinary and international advances on collective identities in general, including non-European identities, to challenge and rethink this basis of community as well as social and political action. Through comparing our ways of understanding collective identities (disciplines, research fields, theories, methodologies, results), we will hopefully reach new conclusions and best practices for Europe.

Early career researchers

Potential participants of the EPICamps should have a general interest in conducting interdisciplinary research and/or working in a transdisciplinary manner with non-university partners. You should have a proven interest in the topic of the EPICamps you wish to attend. However, no previous experience in the field and/or inter-and transdisciplinary work is required.

Based on the format of the barcamp/unconference, the program of each EPICamp will look different and open up opportunities to present and discuss research and projects in mini-thesis presentations, poster sessions, panel or group discussions, etc., but also space for ad-hoc meetings, one-on-one video chats, academic speed dating sessions and methodological exchange.

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